Q&A with George Gregan

Rugby legend and BAHE co-founder George Gregan kicks off the Inspiring Athletes series. He poses 10 questions to inspiring athletes and stars in their respective expertise.

What do you like the most about Rugby?

I love the teamwork aspect of our game where everyone has a role to play to help the team achieve its ultimate goal. Plus you get to play all around the world and you will always feel we come at any Rugby Club.

What’s your favourite sports memory?

Great question and the obvious answer is winning the Rugby World Cup with a great team in 1999. However, I would put watching Cathy Freeman win the Gold Medal in the 400m Final at the Sydney Olympics, as the greatest sporting event I’ve been a part of.

How do you feel about Pilates and Yoga?

I love both of these forms of movement and resistance training as they focus on core strength, flexibility and a sense of mindfulness when you practice. You have to be  present to complete these disciplines with aplomb as they create a unique challenge for your mind & body.

Can you share one secret that one shouldn’t miss to get to the top?

A great coach once told me....always train like your number 2 and that way you will always stay hungry & focused....It was a great piece of advice that I still live by today.

Which is your favourite food or drink to stay fit and healthy?

I love food! So this is a difficult question but I’ll lean towards a fresh berry smoothie in the morning with muesli, Greek yoghurt, coconut water, avocado, banana, ginger and maybe a little protein powder ( not essential for me anymore ). Then I will chase this down with a couple of espressos and some water to start the day.

What music do you like to listen when training?

I can train without music and often that is my preference however when I do listen to music it’s normally chilled nu jazz.

Does your training outfit impact your performance?

Not really as I’m pretty basic and boring when it comes to my outfits: black or dark navy training shorts with a simple training tee and some trainers ( for gym work ) or bare feet for Yoga/Pilates. When I put on gym gear it means I’m going to train with purpose then get on with the rest of my day.

Which is your favourite place to train?

I enjoy training outdoors in nature whenever possible and I really enjoy Mountain Biking.

Who do you like training with?

I actually prefer training alone but I’ll train with my wife and friends from time to time.

Who do you admire?

I admire people who are prepared to look at things with a “ can do “ attitude rather than the opposite response. Take the “t “ out of “can’t “ and wonderful things can be achieved with hard work and focused attention.